Busy Mom Stuff

So, this past week has been pretty hectic.  I have had not one, not two, but three sick kids.  Unfortunately, a mom does not get “sick days” or paid leave, so there was plenty to keep me busy. After missing a couple classes to take care of my mom duties and making arrangements so I could also take care of my job and school duties, I was also feeling under the weather.  Since I had one child with flu and two with strep throat, I decided to be cautious and be tested for both myself.  Crazy enough, although I had been in constant contact with three sick kiddos, I avoided both of those sicknesses. I often joke that moms have a special immune boost built in because we were designed to never need a day off.

I have really discovered that being prepared for anything is the best guarantee for success.  Unfortunately, I am not the best at being prepared or planning ahead.  It is a real challenge for me most of the time and I find myself being caught having to make last minute decisions that typically do not go as well as I would hope.

I am most definitely hoping to do better at this and one of the ways I have found to be more organized as a mom is in the way of meal prep.  I love to cook. I always have and wish I had more time to cook.  But as a single mom of three boys involved in extracurricular activities, as well as being a full-time student and employee, it is difficult to find the time.  Often I would be too exhausted at the end of the day to prepare a full-course meal and more often than I care to admit would call a “Pizza Night.”

My desire to avoid these unhealthy meals and my venture to provide good home-cooked meals for my growing boys, led me to search the internet for quick, easy meals.  My favorite thing I discovered was “crockpot freezer meals.”  In essence, you spend extra time preparing meal ingredients, throw them in a freezer bag, freeze them, then pull one out to thaw when you are ready to cook it and place it in a crockpot the morning of the day you plan to serve it.  This has been an awesome thing for my family because it saves the time during the week when we are all so busy, but we still get the good home-cooked, sit-at-the-dinner table-and-talk meals.  Here is a link to one site that gives the recipes, ingredient list, and instructions for some of these meals.  20 Crockpot Meals in 2 Hours 20-Freezer-Meals-in-2-Hours1.jpg

****Oh…and another busy mom tip…Crockpot liners and disposable dishes eliminate the cleanup time of washing dishes****


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